For students, teachers, young professionals & activists

1. Songworks
Song always works. Works for you, me and the collectives.
It works to inspire when we are down and sad.
It works, when people are closed to see the other side.
It works, when we need to be angry and speak out.
It works, when we are lost in our routine life and need to be reminded to see around.
It works, when we need some quiet time with ourselves.

2. Ek Bhi Anek Bhi: Exploring Diversity & Inequality
This workshop helps participants understand the roots of inequality, violence and indignities in our society. It further helps in understanding our relationship with nature and each other and exploring our roles as social beings and responsible citizens.

3. We the People: Our Dreams, Our Journey
Our constitution provides the basis for the nation to move towards a liberal, democratic and an egalitarian society, affording dignity to all. This workshop is an effort to explore and understand the spirit of 'aazadi' and the values enshrined in constitution. It will also discuss various ways to internalise the basic spirit of the constitution to become a better Indian citizen, more aware human being and work towards a more equal humane nation.

This workshop is aimed at the activists and teachers to enable them to understand and express through social songs more effectively.