Professionals by qualification; researchers by choice
and musicians by passion.

Vinay Mahajan
  Vinay grew up in the small border town of Dinanagar, Punjab. He is deeply influenced by the music and culture from both sides of the border. Not much inclined towards corporate career, he spent considerable time in understanding social reality through books, field work and actions during his college days. For this popular college singer, communal riots of 1985, was a turning point to discover his talent in writing and composing socially reflective songs. He has studied Agricultural Engineering from Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana followed by post graduation in management at IIM, Ahmedabad.

Charul Bharwada
  Charul grew up in the ever busy city of Mumbai. Her interest in vernacular architecture took her to explore the other India as soon as she was out of the Architecture School. She embarked upon a journey to explore ‘small is beautiful’. For the young Mumbai girl, her first ever journey in rural India was reflective and life changing. As she began interacting with the ‘other’ India, she began to discover her writing and singing talent. Her deep sense of dignity added a new language to their collective scripting. She has keen interest in sustainable minimalist designs, aesthetics and visual medium. She has studied Architecture from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai and later did her post-graduation at the School of Planning, CEPT, Ahmedabad.

Charul and Vinay began their collective journey in 1990. Growing communal divide and inequality has had deep impact on their expressions. Trying to find meaning to their lives and professions, they have lived with, traveled with and learnt many lessons of dignity from the non-literate and marginalised but culturally rich and deeply knowledgeable ‘invisible’ communities of our society. They have tried to bring out the issues of nomadic pastoralists, salt makers, tribals and other marginalized communities of Gujarat through various studies. Their works have been published and presented in national and international conferences and publications.