Loknaad means people’s voice in most Indian languages. Some call it a progressive music band; for some others it is a progressive cultural space trying to revive the waning sensitivity and dignity.

Considered to be one of its kind, Loknaad is a tri-lingual Indian team of two dreamers, Charul & Vinay, who create and sing songs of hope, songs of life based on their humbling field experiences. Simple lyrics, stirring compositions and minimal instrumentation lend an earthy feel to their music.

Loknaad works on the issues of peace, dignity and democracy through reflective music, peace products and educational workshops.


In 1985, a young student of IIM, Ahmedabad penned few lines for a street play after witnessing the horrors of communal violence in the city. People looting and burning homes, killing each other moved him to the core. Known as Mandir - Masjid, this song reached many parts of India in no time and soon became India’s secular anthem. Gradually, he began to pen down songs for other issues and was later joined in by Charul, his friend and a young Architect. Soon the dreamy, idealist, young professional couple was writing, composing and singing.

What began as a way to express solidarity for the underpaid workers and displaced tribals, gradually evolved into reflective musical expressions and became ‘Loknaad’.


Loknaad began its work way back in 1992 and Loknaad is part of Loknaad Foundation, a registered nonprofit section 8 company.

Charul Bharwada & Vinay Mahajan are the founder directors of the foundation.